General Description The Course of Medicine, at the University of Molise, is developed over a period of six academic years, each of one is distributed in two semesters; during the first three years the student achieves mainly basic science skills, while the other three years are mainly devoted to clinical skills. The course is organized either with lessons or practical training session such as seminars, laboratory, ward round or outpatients clinics, and it covers basic and clinical aspects of all disciplines, from basic sciences, disease processes, related to their pivotal mechanisms and human sciences. The lessons, which are distributed in integrated courses, consist of several modules and their attendance is mandatory. Particular attention in payed on traineeship, which is carried out under the supervision and guidance of specialized tutors (physicians or surgeons) and which is principally based on the acquisition of practical skills through simulations in classroom activities, for basic skills (during the first year), learning main signs of clinical sciences (during the second and third year) and, then, from the fourth to the sixth year attending different Units of the Hospital to gain clinical skills at the “bedside”. At the end of the course, the student will discuss a thesis, based on her/his assay, in front of a panel of 10 Professors of the School of Medicine.
Course learning outcomes
Graduates in Medicine will achieve an integrate knowledge of mechanisms of health and disease, and the concerns, needs and expectations of a patient, in order to take an appropriate medical history, perform a physical examination and elaborate a problem orientated list for a potential diagnosis. The graduate in Medicine will be able to integrate basic sciences with clinical information, in order to elaborate diagnosis; to report clinical data by obtaining and communicating the clinical facts in an peculiar manner that demonstrates understanding and synthesis of the findings; to develop appropriate and comprehensive patient care plans to promote health, prevent illness and manage disease; to counsel and educate a patient effectively.
Career opportunities
At the end of the six-year period the graduate in Medicine can be employed in public or private institutions such as: • public and private clinics; • hospitals and specialized centers; • universities and research centers; • health organizations.
President of the Course Prof . Bruno Moncharmont Internationalization Delegate Prof . Silvio Garofalo