Dr. Arcari Vittorio
“Design and development of a software system for the management and analysis of data related to patients with neurological diseases to neuromuscular involvement”.

Dr. Ciccotelli Santina
“Design and development of a network for home care of patients with neurological diseases”.

Dr. D’Aversa Rita
“Design and development of a network for nursing at home to patients with neuromuscolar diseases”.

Dr. Guerrizio Giuliana
“Analysis of the effectiveness and tolerability of a water-alcohol gel solution for hand hygiene in health care”.

Dr. Ersilia Nigro

“Impact of obesity in the functional and clinical expression of chronic obstructive bronchopneumopathies: role of adiponectin”

Dr. Vergalito Franca
“Screening of natural polyphenols potentially useful in the treatment of pathogens involved in the etiology of cystitis infiltrating”.