MED/42 Hygiene and Public Health



  • study of foodborne pathogens prevalence;
  • epidemiology of infectious diseases;
  • evaluation and development of analytical methods;
  • application of biomolecular methods for pathogens typing;
  • microbial bio-molecular characterization;
  • epidemiology of emerging and re-emerging pathogens;
  • population attitudes and knowledge about health-related issues;
  • risk in workplaces, with particular focus on the biological risk;
  • risk and evaluation of preventive measures;
  • epidemiology of sexually-transmitted infectious diseases, with the application of molecular methods;
  • epidemiology of respiratory diseases and relationship between environment and human health;
  • epidemiology of hospital-acquired infections.
  • epidemiology and surveillance of asbestos-related diseases, with focus on mesotheliomas


Public Health, Hygiene, Epidemiology, Prevention, Infectious diseases, Molecular epidemiology, Biostatistics