The Department of Medicine and Health Sciences “Vincenzo Tiberio” (DIMES) was founded in 2011, in harmony with the cultural and administrative principles established in the Law 240 (Gelmini's Reform): it reflects the heritage of the Department of Health formed in July 2004, the first Department to express interest and scientific expertise in the biomedical field within the University of Molise. The DIMES develops research themes articulated in numerous disciplines, which are considered pivotal for biomedical research, both basic and clinical. The DIMES is composed of Professors relating mainly to areas CUN 05 and 06, as well as by five Professors belonging to SSD of Physics Chemistry (area 03, one Teacher), Inspection of Animal Food (area 07, one Teacher), Environmental Technical Physics (area 09, one Teacher), Moral Philosophy (area 11, one Teacher), Business Administration (area 13, one Teacher). The research activities of DIMES pursue two main objectives: firstly the integration of basic and clinical research, such as translational medicine; secondly, the interaction between the expertise of DIMES and environment in applied biomedical research.